Stop 7: The Election of May 1, 1889

Marker Location: SE Corner of Broadway and Main, Business District


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William L. Couch was elected temporary mayor on April 27 and confirmed as mayor in the election on May 1. (OHS photo archives. All rights reserved.) Click here to view extra large image
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January-March 1889

Creek and Seminole Nations release claims to the Unassigned Lands, and Congress approves opening the land for settlement.

March-April 1889

"Boomer camps" pop up along and inside the borders of the Unassigned Lands.

March 23, 1889

President Harrison's Proclamation sets the time and date for the Land Run.

April 19, 1889

Prospective settlers are escorted from the Kansas and Texas borders to the perimeter of the Unassigned Lands. Those already inside are required to leave.

April 20, 1889

Land east of the railroad tracks at Oklahoma Station is reserved for military use.

April 22, 1889 at noon

Oklahoma Land Run officially begins.

April 23, 1889

The first mass meeting is called. A Citizens' Committee of 14 is elected and instructed to conduct a survey.

April 27, 1889

Conflicting surveys are reconciled and approved at a second mass meeting. A temporary Mayor is elected.

May 1, 1889

The first formal election is held. A Mayor and city council are chosen.


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