Stop 22: The Canal

Marker Location: 300 SW 7th St, COTPA


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A dam was built in the North Canadian River to divert water to the new canal for a shorter route to the southern edge of Oklahoma City. (OHS photo archives. All rights reserved.) Click here to view extra large image
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April 22, 1889 at noon

Oklahoma Land Run officially begins.

April 23, 1889

The first mass meeting is called. A Citizens' Committee of 14 is elected and instructed to conduct a survey.

April 27, 1889

Conflicting surveys are reconciled and approved at a second mass meeting. A temporary Mayor is elected.

May 1, 1889

The first formal election is held. A Mayor and city council are chosen.

May 23-24, 1889

Cheyenne and Arapahoe leaders meet with federal officials to discuss the sale of land claims outside the Unassigned Lands.

July 16, 1889

The election to adopt a new city charter written by Kickapoo dissenters is shut down by the Mayor.

August 29, 1889

A new city charter written by supporters of the Mayor is overwhelming rejected at the polls.

September 17, 1889

Six congressmen visit the city for a first-hand look at Oklahoma country.

September 21, 1889

Another Kickapoo charter election is broken up by the U.S. military.

November 11, 1889

Mayor W.L. Couch resigns after a summer and fall of political unrest.


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